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Body and neck is a re-used Strat Style Body From a virtually brand new Axl guitar Not sure of the wood probably Basswood.
It has been extremely chopped and treated to a unique  textured and aged copper finish. The neck is finished in satin black with the face of the headstock matching the body.
It features a hand cut  aluminium scratchplate and stainless steel backplate both of which have been given a rough brush and the rust effect was achieved with acrylic paint.
The Pick up arrangement is HSS with brand new pickups
The Bridge Is a super hot 12 Gauge Humbucker -  Overwound to 14k producing 9.96 Henries.
The neck and middle are two super hot  6 Gauge single coils  wound to 6k which produces a very powerful 4  Henries
The Pickups have been painted to match the theme of the guitar
The control knobs are made from real spent 12 bore gun cartridges.
The switch tip is machined from an Iron bolt.
The tremelo arm has been constructed from bits from my metal bits and bobs box.
The bridge and tuners have been aged and distressed.
It has been fully set up and plays and sounds great.
Please enquire for details