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ShonKybox 3 String fretless

A great sounding and good looking Cigar  box guitar (ShonKybox)

This one has a stripped down rustic look much like a depression era instrument.

Crafted from a Cedar Henry Wintermans cigar box with a Sapele neck and afromosia fingerboard.

It is a neck through construction. The box is re-enforced and braced

The scale is approximately 23"

It has a floating Afromosia  bridge and an Afromosia nut too Making it almost completely wooden construction. Tuning is taken care of by 3 vintage open geared machine heads.

It can be amplified via a twin piezo disc system. The lid is glued down to eliminate any rattles and for a more stable instrument.

Finish is 2 coats of Danish oil with a smooth matt spray top coat.

It has been designed for fretless playing and slide so you can use your fingers on the board or a slide or a combination.  It plays very nicely with a good solid and substantial neck which is lovely and smooth.

It is strung with Ernie Ball 17, 26, 36 For playing in GDG

There are no position markers as the bridge is moveable so it depends where you want the bridge The sound differs quite a lot depending on where the bridge is.  If needed can install position markers on the side for no extra charge but it will be where I deem the bridges best position is.  I would recommend experimenting with the bridge position yourself and then marking the positions with a pen.

Sounds pretty good acoustically. Fairly loud. Plug it in and you will be pleasantly surprised. :-) 

SOLD. Contact me for similar.