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6 String ShonKybox

ShonKybox 6 string cigar box type guitar. Made from approximately 80% recycled upcycled or re-used material.

This Guitar is made from an old vintage box. No idea what is was used for. It has been strengthened and filled where necessary. It also has plenty of wear and marks from it's former life like cup rings small cracks and scratches. All adds to the ShonKyness.

The neck is from a Kay ET-200 and is of multi laminate construction. It is a very slim neck with a nice medium V profile.  It has a working adjustable truss rod. I have re-fretted it as the old ones where falling out and also not really wide enough so the 1st and 6th string would roll off easily. The new frets go right to the edge now.

The Bridge is also from the Kay. The tailpiece is a new one that has been aged to match.

The Pickup again from the Kay is a slim copper coil around a magnet type similar to the legendary gold foil pickups. I would say this sounds as good. measuring 5.3k it has a great mellow Jazzy warmth on a clean setting. turn up the gain and you have a dirty blues beast. really it is awesome.

Tuning is taken care of by new vintage style machine heads.The control plate is a roughly shaped piece of bubinga and the knobs are from an old broomstick.

On the box is the original Brass Handle and a new replacement lock as the key for the original was not present. It comes with 2 keys. and the box opens so you can hide your Mojo inside (Please note the pictures show the wires to the jack socket at full stretch. and the box not fully open I have replaced these wires with longer ones so the box opens fully without pulling on them)

It plays pretty good. I have got the neck as playable as I can It does suffer from a bit of fret buzz here and there (It is a Kay neck) But plugged in It's not really noticeable. Intonation is also as good as it is possible to get with this type of bridge. 

This guitar is pretty heavy at 3kg and the box dimensions are 34 x 20 x 11cm

Scale length = 24 3/4" (63cm)

Overall length = 100cm

It will come with a ShonKy certificate of authenticity

It will be professionally packed and sent via courier.