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Breadbin Mandola

The ShonKy Breadbin Mandola is a beautifully handcrafted Instrument lovingly created from mostly recycled and up cycled wood at the edge of the Quantock hills in south west Somerset.

The body is made from an upcylced part of a barrel shaped breadbin (this is the 3rd instrument made from the same breadbin I have 1 more piece left)

The top is Cedar, The Neck is hand carved from  beautifully thick grained Walnut

The back is made from cedar from a cigar box laminated with Spalted Birch slices arranged in a book matched fashion. the outer rim is offcuts from the walnut neck. The Spalted birch is actually from a log that was delivered to me as firewood. It also features as a headstock facing.

The fret board is Purpleheart and has vintage nickel frets. and small aluminium position markers. The nut is hand carved and cut corian.

Bridge is a standard Rosewood compensated type fully adjustable for height.

The tailpiece is cut from a piece of sheet Brass.  Tuning is taken care of by quality chrome Machine heads with round pearl buttons

It is signed and dated on the back of the headstock.

This Mandola projects plenty of volume for it's size the soundholes are on the sides to maximise the sound board area. it has a very piano like tone.

It also benefits from having a piezo disc transducer fitted under the soundboard very simple but effective solution for amplification and recording purposes. ( an external pre-amp may be required for certain applications)

It is also very playable with the slightly wider and fatter than standard neck and very low action.

Scale length: 400mm overall length: 650mm

Even my logo is hand painted!

Contact me for similar.