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Firewood Special 2

ShonKy Firewood Special No2

As the name suggests this awesome looking guitar has been built from Wood that was in my scrap wood pile usually destined for the fire to keep me and my family warm on a cold winter night.

Bit's of guitars and old furniture along with some other bits of pine have all been built around a scrap acoustic guitar neck.

It features re-used gold  hardware and machine heads (Not real Grovers but work fine)

The re-used pickups are pretty good. I have no Idea of the manufacture.

The electrics are all recycled It has a Sprague Orange drop capacitor installed.

 It has been freshly strung with a new set of Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky (11 - 54)

It has been finished with a light woodstain followed by 3 coats of water based brush applied matt lacquer.

This was only designed to be mainly a slide guitar as I didn't have much faith in the neck but the intonation and action is actually passable for a bit of fretting This of course is easily adjustable with the TOM bridge. One thing too note however is the bridge is slightly off centre.

It is rough and ready as it is made from scrap. Don't worry It's all been solidly glued and it's been sanded so no splinters or sharp bits and the electrics are wired and earthed correctly This is the second firewood special I have made. You can see the first one along with a many of my other creations HERE

The pickups combined with the heavy gauge strings  sound magnificent. Turn the gain up and oh my! Nice and clear on a clean setting too.

Although It's quite fat (As deep as an acoustic) it not too heavy and is comfortable to play on the knee or strap also it sits on the lap quite nicely too if you want it for that.


Scale length: 25.5"

Total length: 95cm

Width: 30cm

Depth: 12cm

Weight: 3.5kg

It will come with a ShonKy certificate of authenticity

It will be professionally packed and sent via courier.