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Firewood Special No 4

ShonKy Firewood Special No4

Here is your chance to own a ShonKy firewood special.
Here at ShonKy we make guitars out of as much reclaimed and recycled stuff as possible and it doesn't get more reclaimed or recycled than a firewood special.
Literally made from waste offcuts of wood which can't be turned into a standard guitar and would normally end up in my wood burner However sometimes I find that a certain combination can make a pleasing artistic guitar.
This one is made up of some Norway Spruce offcuts with an oak table leg neck.
The rest of the guitars parts have been upcycled.  The steel bar which retains the strings is held in place by the tension. Bolts act as a nut and bridge. and the electrics have been left open. It is properly wired up and earthed (To the Tin).
The control knobs are recycled shotgun cartridges which have been converted to knobs with the proper bushes inside.
A vintage polish tin has been used as the resonator and it has a Vintage Japanese Red foil pickup Which I believe comes from a Guyatone Lap Steel.
So is this a work of art or a useable guitar? well both.  It sounds pretty good, Quiet acoustically but the tin gives it a really nice authentic resonator sound plug it in and the red foil pickup delivers a pleasing old school blues tone which gets dirtier and grittier the more you turn up the gain.  It has a 25.5" (Fender) scale and is designed for slide playing.
It is strung with an A, D, and a wound G nickel electric strings. And tuned to GDG. I believe this is the best combination of strings for that tuning and scale length but of course strings and tuning can be changed to suit.
Despite it's look its pretty comfortable to play. It sits on your knee fine and It has a hole on the rear plank and a fencing staple on the front to attach a strap.
If you want it as a wall hanger all you need is a nail Hook it on by the front staple and it hangs at the perfect angle similar to the first picture for display.

Sold Sorry