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Firewood Special No3

ShonKy Firewood Special No3

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The ShonKy Firewood special.
Not only is it a fully functioning and great sounding guitar it also is a splendid work of art.

The Body is crafted from Random offcuts of ash carefully arranged into an artistic form which is also reasonably comfortable to play as a guitar.
The neck is a re-used one made from maple and Rosewood. It is slim and narrow and plays nicely. The headstock has been modified to compliment the body.
Bridge is Zebrano and Ebony. Tailpiece is Mahogany The volume knob is Marine ply Jack plate is oak and the Back cover is Zebrano.
It is fitted with a soapbar pickup measuring 6.3k which give a rich warm tone on a clean setting. Typically growly P90 with some gain.
The machine heads are stylish satin finish.
It plays very well with a low action.