ShonKy Gingerbread man 3 string slide blues guitar.

This happy little fellow is made from an upcycled biscuit tin. The neck is reclaimed sapele mahogany.

It has the words from the story embossed on the fingerboard. and little gingerbread Icons as fet markers on the top edge.

The machine heads are re-used.

The tailpiece is brass from an offcut.

it has a piezo disc pickup under the lid attached to a jack socket.

the soundhole is situated just below the neck and has a wood surround.

The lid is held secure by little machine screws.

The woodwork is sealed and finished in a water based, brush applied matt varnish.

It is strung with the D G and B electric guitar strings and tuned the same.

I thought I would make this as a little gimmick not expecting it to sound very good it actually sounds great both acoustically and plugged in. Very resonator like.  Obviously it is prone to feedback if the amp is too loud so a preamp would be recommended.

He pretty comfortable to play as he sit's on your leg in an amusing fashion.

At under a kg in weight and only 72cm long it would make an ideal travel companion.



Scale length = 18" (46cm)

Total length = 28 1/2" (72cm)

Width = 10" (25.5cm)

Depth = 2 3/4" (7cm)

Weight .75kg