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ShonKy BedKaster

ShonKy BedKaster

The ShonKy BedKaster has the classic shape of a tele built in the best ShonKy tradition from reclaimed material and re-used parts. The body has been created from the remains of my own childs pine cot bed! Yes she does have a new one.
The wooden parts where laminated together and then aged All the holes  dints and scratches have been left
I did take off the peppa pig stickers though.

The rest of the guitar is made from re-used parts the maple neck is from an old Jim Deacon tele copy The fretboard wood is unknown as it is dyed. Plastic dots which are a bit off centre towards the lowest frets. It has been re-finished with a rustic aged finish.  perfectly straight and playable.
The pickups and hardware are all re-used too and are all perfectly useable.