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ShonKy Box 4 String

ShonKy Box SCBG0025
(Click on Pics for larger views)
Expertly crafted 4 String guitar using a large wine bottle box for the body and Oak from a scrapped wardrobe  for the neck
Large Gallo family wine bottle box. Lightly distressed finish . Lid still opens (you have to remove the arm rest and strings first)
2 Piece Oak neck. Exotic hardwood fingerboard. (Sorry don't know the type of wood) Fat and soft V profile and finished with a Matt lacquer.
Neck is mounted to a mahogany core which runs through the centre of the box right to the back. It only contacts the box at the neck joint and the rear of the box for superior acoustic volume and tone.
4 pole ceramic Pickup for feedback free amplification.
26" Scale (can be moved as it's a floating bridge but side markings are set for 26")
4 good quality sealed machine heads.
Purple heart floating bridge.
Handmade aluminium tail piece.
Hand cut Corian nut.
removable arm rest for comfort.
Single volume control.
This can be used as a 4 string slide blues or the neck is flat enough to be played as a fretless but only up to about where the 12th fret would be as the strings touch the pickup any further up. You could put some banjo strings on it and have a fretless plectrum banjo!
It has the bottom four strings from an electric set tuned to open E. This gives you a really low down bassy gritty sound. I can change the strings to the ones of your choice just let me know.
Only £150 with free P&P to UK Mainland 
It will be professionally packed and sent via courier.

Local collection / inspection is welcome by appointment only.

I ship worldwide. Please ask for a quote.