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ShonKy Box Cigar Box Tenor Guitar. SCBT001

ShonKy ShonKybox Tenor cigar box guitar.
The ShonKybox tenor guitar is expertly crafted from a large Aurora Preferidos cigar box which has been given a solid cedar X braced top.
The neck is attached via a tenon joint.
A scarfe jointed headstock is fitted with attractive gold plated sealed tuning machines with heart shaped buttons.
The headstock, tailpiece and heel are faced with a thick Bubinga and Beli veneer.
The body compliments the soundboard with wenge binding.
A bespoke Australian walnut floating bridge effectively transfers the string vibrations to the soundboard.
This ShonKybox sounds amazing acoustically. plenty of volume with a clear crisp and warm tone whilst still retaining a hint of cigar box "boxiness.
For recording or gigging the ShonKybox is fitted with 2 piezo disc pick-ups optimally placed on the underside of the lid to faithfully re-create the true sound of the instrument.
Tuned to Standard Tenor guitar tuning (GDAE) and fitted with the correct gauge strings.
Only the tuning machines. electronics and frets are new.
The wood is either reclaimed recycled or sustainable.
Please expect the odd tooling mark and signs of former lifes. ( I could spend hours and hours sanding and then coating in 20 layers of lacquer but then that would make it a very very expensive instrument) 
Body: Aurora Preferidos cigar box, Cedar tonewood x braced top.
Neck: Unknown exotic hardwood.
Fingerboard: Wenge.
Dot markers: Wenge and Aluminium
Bridge: Australian Walnut.
Nut: Brass and Paduak.
Tuning machines: Gold plated Sealed. Heart buttons.
Finish: Brush applied waterbased satin polyurethane lacquer
Length: 760mm
Width: 205mm
Depth: 100mm
Scale length: 560mm / 22"
SOLD :-)