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ShonKy Firewood Special

In between other projects and having a new arrival in the family. I challenged myself to making a guitar completely out of recycled stuff. A rummage through my scrap wood pile destined for the fire and grabbing all the other necessary stuff from my parts bin and scrap metal bin I came up with this beast.

So not quite 100% recycled as the cable pins are new and I used a bit of solder wood stain and of course the glue, but every other part is. even the strings, electric wires etc, I even used some waste paint that I get from my local paint shop.

To make this even more environmentally friendly I used the minimum amount of resources to finish it. It has been sanded enough to take any rough edges off and then given a wood stain and a beeswax polish. most of the wood is as found.

It has 4 strings. A bass string and 3 guitar strings. It's a 2nd bass string and 2nd 3rd 4th guitar strings Tuned to D D,A,D.

The neck is an old Fender Starcaster one. The pointy arrow shape which is a terrible neck hence why Ive used it for a slide guitar.

The top bout of the body is from a horrible plywood Strat which I quickly attacked with the belt sander

The rest of the guitars body is made from Mahogany pieces.

I don't know where the Humbuckers come from but they look to be pretty cheap and nasty. I wired them together in effect to make 1 4 coil pickup.

An old volume and tone control attached to a bit of old steel sheet. (tone doesn't do much if anything).

The nut is carved from solid bone found in the hedge.

The bridge is from a brass off cut.

Various old tuning machines.

How does it sound? Well pretty damn raucous!