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ShonKy SB3

The ShonKy SB3 is a solid body electric 3 string guitar.
Made from very old reclaimed Elm body and an Oak through neck with a Yew fret board.
The Bridge is constructed from metal brackets. Bridge is Oak with a bolt saddle
Modified Pbass pickup with a bolt bar.

3 vintage style machine heads take care of the tuning.
25.5" scale length.

Large eye bolt strap holders.  Handmade wooden control volume knob.
New electrics and strings.

Tuned GDG
Has been made and finished in a fantastic aged rustic style with mostly hand tools.
It plays great with a very low action and is meant for fretted play although a slide is possible.
It sounds fantastic. The pickup has a nice vintage sound with a good full tone clean and nice and dirty with gain.
Included is a signed certificate of authenticity