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ShonKy ShonKybox, S-Honk 6 String cigar box guitar

The ShonKybox S-Honk is a beautifull and elegant turn on the cigar box guitar design.
It features a Cohiba Cigar box with added re-claimed Mahogany body bouts. They are not just for show they are designed specifically to make the S-Honk a very comfortable and ergonomic guitar to play and to add weight.
The neck is a re-used Squier Strat maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. The headstock has been re-shaped. The neck is straight and the frets are virtually wear free.
Brand new  tuning machines
It has a single re-used humbucker of unknown origin in the bridge position which has a volume and tone to control it.
It also features the "S-Honk" control which makes the tone more honky. It actually is 2 piezo discs attached to the underside of the box lid with there own volume control. The Tone control also works for the piezo's. Turn it up and you get all the acoustic tones of the box you can even hear your fingers on the fretboard.
The neck is attached to a solid Mahogany core which runs the length of the box. The lid of the box (guitar top) Isn't fixed to the central core so It can resonate. This means the S-Honk can be played acoustically albeit at a quiet volume. Ideal for late night noodling. It has a boxy tone as you would expect from a box!
It is not possible to open the lid access to the electronics are via 2 panels on the rear.
Hardwear is all re-used but very good condition and good quallity chrome.
The body has been given an aged but not too battered finish to offset the shiny chrome.
As this is made from mostly re-cycled and re-used parts expect signs of It's former lifes i.e bumps and scrapes filled holes etc This all adds to the charm.
This one has been designed to be played as you would a standard guitar. It has an easy action and It sounds fantastic. Want it for slide then just raise the bridge easy :-)
I can offer a pick-up upgrade or send me one and I'll fit it for a small charge.