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ShonKy Shortscale Bass

The ShonKy Shortscale Bass is small bodied bass guitar created from an encore shortscale bass neck.
The body is crafted from 2 pieces of mahogany.
It has been designed to fit in a standard guitar gig bag
The body is small but fairly weighty and 44mm thick. It has been painted and distressed.
It is comfortable for sit down playing but a bit unbalanced for strap use unless you play like Peter Hook then its probably perfect.
The headstock has been re-shaped to accentuate the square body and also to reduce weight.
The scratch plate is crafted from a piece of reclaimed oak laminate panel from a scrap cabinet
The machine heads and bridge are the original Encore ones.
The pickup is a chrome Humbucker which produces a healthy punch.
The electronics feature new potentiomenters with a mix of new and recycled wire.
The removable pickup cover is a re-used one.
The playability is excellent. Very low action.
It has been newly strung with Fender Shortscale bass strings.
 Scale length: 30" (762mm)
Total Length : 102cm
Width: 28cm
Weight: 3.5kg
Sold :-)