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ShonKy Shortscale breadbin Tenor guitar

ShonKy Short scale Breadbin Tenor Guitar / Wooden Banjo
Body: the base from a barrel shaped beech breadbin.
Solid Cedar top
Neck: Sapele
Bridge: Paduak
Tailpiece: Sapele Mahogany with ferrules made from Shotgun cartridge primers.
Nut: Handcarved corian.
Machine Heads: Vintage style open geared.
Black side position dots.
Frets: 19 vintage small Nickel silver.
Scale Length: 18.5" (470mm)
total length: 70cm
With: 20.5cm
Neck width at nut: 33mm
neck width at 19th fret: 36mm
String spacing at nut: 25mm
string spacing at bridge: 30mm.
Finish: ShonKy antique finish.
Tuned to CGDA
Fitted with a piezo under the top for authentic amplified sound. (may need a pre-amp if putting through a PA)
Neck fixed to body via a dowel joint leaving the body hollow.
Beautiful and unusual. with a rustic look, this little instrument is incredibly loud for it's size with a great tone somewhere between a mandolin and a banjo. It's nice and easy to play with a medium low action.
Comfortable neck with a U profile at the body end tapering to a V profile at the headstock end.
Completely and lovingly hand crafted in the UK from mostly recycled or re-used material.
£170 posted to UK mainland
I ship worldwide please enquire