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ShonKy Strat 12SS2

ShonKy Strat.

The ShonKy Strat has been lovingly created from a mixture of old genuine roadworn parts and new parts that have been relic'd

Body: re-used Alder Squier by Fender Strat. 44mm thickness. relic'd

Neck: Used as new replacement neck. maple with rosewood fingerboard dual trussrod. relic'd


Bridge: Mexican fender stratocaster bridge pickup.

Middle: Unknown ceramic type:

Neck: Unknown Alnico V

Bridge: Yamaha vintage style tremolo Genuinely old and roadworn.

Tuning machines: New Kluson style, relic'd

Hardwear: Genuinely roadworn neckplate, jack socket, pickguard screws, strap pins and string trees.

Plastics: Genuinely aged pickguard pickup covers and control knobs.

Some of the old parts have been stained and grotified and had extra artificial wear to varying degrees to make it all look like it belongs to the same guitar

This guitar hasn't been built to copy any real guitar or from any particular era it is my representation of a battered old cool guitar.

The pickups have been specially selected to give a wide tonal pallette. This is the best sounding electric I have made.

The electrics are all high quality parts, full size pots, high quality selector switch and all well soldered.

Because I've spent so much time and effort I have adorned the headstock with my own logo!

Although not pictured it will be sent with an aged backplate a fender gigbag and a sighned ShonKy certificate of authenticity.