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ShonKybox 6 string shortscale cigar box guitar. SCBG 034

A beautifully crafted short scale semi acoustic 6 string cigar box guitar
The body is built around an upcylced Cohiba cigar box Humidor with English Ash wings and a reclaimed Oak centre core leaving the body hollow and The top free to resonate. The top is braced for extra strength. The pickup is fixed to the oak block not the top. The wings have been stained to match the Body and the body and neck has a silky Matt finish.

The neck is maple with a rosewood finger board. 24 smooth Stainless Steel frets. 12" Radius and a very chunky hand filling soft U profile. Dots are handmade Aluminium and "Shonkinite" and it has alumium side dots.  It has single way truss rod fitted.

The neck is solidly bolted to the central oak block.
A corian nut and purpleheart handcarved compensated height adjustable bridge give a solid string to body/neck interface. This also allows the string height to be raised easily for slide playing.

It is fitted with a re-used Mighty mite P90 which has a healthy full fat tone.
It has a volume and tone control and a .01uf Capacitor
Tuning is taken care of by Stylish Wilkinson "Waverly" Style open geared tuners.


The rest of the hardware is High Quality Beautifully shiny Chrome

It is fitted with 11 - 54 ernie ball strings. Heavy gauge yes but the shorter scale means less string tension.
Plays really nicely and sounds great. The pickup hole also acts as a sound hole so it actually delivers a pleasing tone unplugged ideal for quiet practice.

Scale: 24"
length: 92cm
Width: 34cm
Width at nut: 42mm