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ShonKybox Cigar Box Ukuele 004

Concert cigar box Ukulele.
Hand crafted in the UK from a vintage Cedar cigar box.
(review from customer at the bottom of the page)

Handmade Purpleheart Bridge with Corian Saddle

Handcarved Corian nut. and String tension bar.

Purple heart fingerboard. Mother of Pearl fret position markers. vintage nickel silver frets
Aquila Nylgut Strings

Vintage style open gear Tuning machines with plastic bone effect buttons

Neck is attached to body like a standard Ukulele leaving a hollow Body.

Fitted with two piezo disc transducers under the lid for a truer amplified sound.

I thought I’d send you a quick e-mail to let you know how much I’m loving my little Shonkybox.
I had only just got my first uke a week or so before I saw it, a nice little Clearwater concert, sweet tone, but a little too upfront to make extended practice much fun.
Then I spotted the Shonky cigarbox uke and just fell in love. I wasn’t sure at first about going down the hand built route, not so early on, but a quick browse on your links convinced me I’d be getting quality, so took the punt. And I am so glad I did.
Taking it out the box it instantly felt solid and weighty in my hand with a superb balance. Tuning was smooth and easy, the machine heads taking up the slack and keeping a solid grip of the strings. Action wise, to get it so low without a hint of buzzing, well it just makes everything about it. So easy to hit those notes, even with my clumsy fingers.
As for the tone, what a joy. Smooth and mellow but unmistakably uke, far more suited to the blues style I’m drawn to. It means that instead of the half hour or so I was getting with the Clearwater, I’m now finding myself sitting with it most of the evening, lazily practising my strum patterns and cords. As a result I feel I’ve come so much farther than I would have normally. 
In short, I love this little uke, so much so I’ve started to play with some ideas for a tenor. Maybe at some point we can have a conversation about how compatible those ideas are with the practicalities of a build.
Anyway, thank you so much for bringing this to life.